Change And Culture Advisors Join The Belly & Brain Network To Focus On The “People” Side Of Transformation
Change and culture advisors join the Belly & Brain network to focus on the “People” side of transformation

It has been repeatedly claimed that the biggest challenge to achieve a true (digital) transformation is to overcome challenges which are mostly internal: Lack of buy-in from executive committees, no real vision of change, no leadership, internal politics, heavy governance, reluctance to…

Digital Transformation In The Corporate World Is About Courage
Digital transformation in the corporate world is about Courage

There is not one day where I don't see a post worshipping entrepreneurs. People who didn't hesitate to aim for hardship, uncertainty, take risks, all that to steer their business in total freedom, achieve great independent success or even sometimes in…

Why We Created Belly & Brain
Why we created Belly & Brain

When Laurent and I created Belly & Brain, we had cumulated an experience of almost 30 years in Digital; Laurent as a consultant who had designed digital strategies and experiences for various industries and I as responsible for Digital in different organizations. During all…