We work with companies on complex marketing, digital or change challenges.
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We help our clients to make business, marketing, sales, brand strategies or customer experiences taking all the opportunities of digital

  • Brand strategy
  • Product portfolio strategy
  • Service design
  • Digital strategy
  • Content strategy
  • New business models & innovations

create seamless omni channel experiences experiences

We design differentiating acquisition and servicing customer experiences and journeys in an omni-channel approach, taking the most from digital, valorizing your assets and driving business value

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  • "AS IS" customer journey audits and benchmarks
  • Performance analysis
  • "TO BE" customer journey design
  • Touch points redesign & user experience
  • Journey implementation
  • Capabilities development

grow WITH digital-friendly product portfolios and servicES 

We design digital-friendly products and services which will grow your market share, maximise efficiency or make you conquer new markets

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  • Market share potential evaluation
  • B2B & B2C product design & pricing strategy
  • B2B & B2C service design & service digitalization
  • Go-to-market strategies
  • Customer-facing staff change strategies

embrace the power of digital transformation to grow value and achievable sustainable growth

You need to evaluate, initiate or accelerate a sustainable digital transformation journey embracing the power of digital solutions & practices.

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  • C-level awareness & advisorship
  • Digital transformation readiness diagnostic
  • Digital transformation strategy & roadmap
  • Transformation roll-out coaching
  • Digital transformation acceleration
  • Employee engagement plans
  • Digital skills & competences development

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We help you design and lead impact full change programmes engaging the organization, from C-levels to customer-facing representatives

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  • Change readiness evaluation
  • Change strategy design & roadmapping
  • Capabilities needs evaluation
  • Change management coaching
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Learning & development practice setup & optimisation


You want to make your entreprise culture and way of working embrace customer-centric and digital practices.

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  • Organization intelligence advisory
  • Customer centricity development programs
  • Leadership awareness & advisory
  • Transformation programme managers & teams coaching
  • Learning & development programs
  • Digital, design-thinking, agile trainings

The big questions we're tackling now

How can I scale up my digital transformation, from from the multiple initiatives we have launched into a company-wide transformation?
How can I double my GTO on the French market ?
We want to start B2C activities. What value proposal, product experience and sales experience can we propose and what marketshare can we expect?
We need to accelerate our support digitalization. What services can we digitalize and how ? What should be kept by agent supports ?
We want to redesign our services to become a differentiating factor versus the competition
I want to triple our digital leads in the next year, keeping CPA at a controlled level
I need to re-inject human and services in my customer experience
I want to revamp my product portfolio to boost my digital direct sales
Here is my 5 year digital and innovation roadmap. Can you challenge it?