About Omnichannel Customer Journeys: Introducing our new series of blog posts


Starting with the basics: let me introduce myself!

After 2 years working at Belly & Brain, we all thought it might be the moment to start sharing some of our observations, learnings and experiences, with our followers, friends, past colleagues and customers.

As I am rather an analytical brain, we decided that I could turn my experience into some methodological thoughts that I would looove to discuss with other experts.  

But before stepping up, let me start with a basics of human communication: breaking the ice with some insights about who I am and how my experience can bring specific rays of light to your own rainbow.

 I am a digital marketing consultant

 Or maybe a marketing otaku, in the sense that I am interested (and have developed skills) in many related fields, from “Digital & Marketing Strategies” to “Omni-channel Customer Experiences” and “Product & Service Design”.

In the last 12 years, I have been working for different agencies, juggling with different topics: website content & community management at first, followed by social media strategy – i.e. a mix of brand- related conversation monitoring, presences set up, content strategy, advertising, etc.- but also digital experiences design and brand activations.

After that, I spent 2 other years working on brand strategies and communication campaigns with a focus on digital experiences again. At that point, I think my biggest frustration was to be reduced to work only on the communication aspects and not on product or service design anymore.

This is the reason I was so excited to join Belly & Brain: to be hired to express my zest for experience optimizations! That and the fact to collaborate again with 2 of my favorite previous colleagues: Laurent, who used to be my mentor, and Audrey, who is probably one of the best managers I have ever met in my life!

I am also a woman with many passions

Aside my professional life, I am also juggling with many personal interests among which you will find more exterior activities, such as horse riding, walking my lovely crazy dog in the forest, diving in tropical waters and swimming with bright colorful fishes but also occasional yoga, friends, my lovely godsons and nephew and far far away traveling.

Finally, my most recent passion and something a bit intermediary with my professional skills: personal growth. I indeed recently decided to study to become a coach, so, don’t be surprized if I sometimes include some personal tips and coaching precepts in my speech.

Talking about what to expect in the next articles

 Now that you have got some clues about who I am, let’s start the real talk!

Over the next weeks, I have planned to share with you some methodological tips and tricks to work on your own marketing strategies:

In a first series, I would like to focus on one of my favorite topics and kind of a marketing hype: Omnichannel Customer Journeys.

I will start with a first article on “The different steps to build an actionable customer journey” and then, I will also make a point about “Why your AS-IS customer journey is key to innovate”. After that, I am also considering to write about “The rules of a good benchmark” but also “Some brainstorming tools to design your TO-BE customer journey”.

Then, I will most likely develop another series around “Product & Service Design” and “Marketing & Digital Strategies”.

In the meanwhile, I may also share some sectorial trends and observations, with a focus on the insurance market - that I have been exploring intensely in the last 2 years.

And if you don’t mind, I might also share some personal views on coaching-related topics… like “Good vs bad procrastination” with the purpose to get your own views on the subjects.

Well, here we are. Those are just first thoughts, so if you have any remarks, questions or topics you would be interested in, never hesitate to let me know, via the Belly & Brain blog or LinkedIn comments.

And if you prefer 1-to-1 conversation or want to get to know us better, you can always contact by email at amelie@belly-and-brain.com to submit some ideas or to set up a meeting to discuss any project for which our help would be appreciated.

Talk to you soon!



About the author

Amélie has been active in the digital strategy field since the last 12 years and during that period has consulted for a wide array of sectors: Beauty, insurances, transport, banks, energy, automotive, FMCG, Telco, Food retail, NGOs... she uses the diversity the challenges and solutions she examined to  think cross-industry and doesn't hesitate to apply best practices and solutions from one industry to another.

During the same period she has extended her experience and capabilities applies her digital thinking to marketing strategy, product portfolio design and has become one of Belgium's key strategists in terms of omni-channel customer experience design.